Here Comes Prom

Tonight is my senior prom. Woah. Am I really this old? Am I really going to be done with high school so soon? Am I really going to be graduating? Will I really not be forced to learn any longer, and still continue to?

My birthday isn’t even a month away and I am going to be 18. I remember when I was younger and always thought it seemed so grown up – yeah right. We are anything but grown. I will say that my friends look more like men and women than kids, but I must say it is just the same as those movies where younger people are trapped in older bodies and vice-versa. Except it is real and it happens to everyone. All 18 means is we can buy more to help kill us, we can have opinions that matter, and we can get into more trouble. So despite the latter, I guess it is pretty good (if we want to buy what we want to kill us, we should be able to, so it is on the good list).

I have not enjoyed the math I never understood. Or the science classes that I read my books in to keep from dying of boredom. The only social class I enjoyed was America History, because I have been a nerd. Staying up too late on papers due the next day was never a pleasure, but that was always a result of my own procrastination. It was high school though. I do not think I will ever refer to it as “the best time of my life.” Things can get better. But I won’t be going through college with people I have known since I was four or five. That is why high school is this way. So many of us have been knowing each other since elementary school. Experiences are different when shared with the people we met before we could think for ourselves.

Graduation will give us a high school diploma, but can we do very much with that? Not really. Graduation is only reassuring us that we will never all be together in such close proximities as we were during high school. All it does is say “Hey, its over. Hope everyone has Facebook (GoogleChrome auto corrected that “f” to be a capital for me), because the government isn’t forcing you to see them ever again!” So basically graduation is just meant to be a festival of tears and planting the idea that we will never see each other again. Awesome.

College is around the corner for a lot of people. We don’t have to learn anymore, and will still want to. But now we have to find scholarships and funds to pay for this new level of schooling, sleeping in a room with a stranger, and for a lot probably a craving to be back home. Fair? Not entirely, but that is the way it works. So nobody will throw too big of a fit over it. And if they do then they can sleep in a tent without strangers or go back home.

I am about to begin the process of getting made of for my senior prom. In five hours some friends will be here. In six hours we will be on our way to spend too much money on food. In nine hours I will be arriving at prom. In twelve hours I will be on my way home to spend more time with my friends. I am not wasting money on having a stranger do my hair or my makeup. I am not spending a load of money to ride in a limo – I have a car for a reason. I am not spending a load of money to do something extreme afterwards. I am frugal, yeah, point?

It is almost all over…
Tonight will be lovely.


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