People I Will Meet.

As more chances are given to me I will do what I can to have conversations and form relationships with people to understand the ideas of the rest of the world.

There are so many people with so many ways of expressing their thoughts. There are  rational types that can express their ideas and argue their opinions sensibly — these are the people I want to meet for I know too few. There are the people that shout out their views and will not listen to anything else because they do not want to feel wrong– these are the people I know and are hard to talk to.
I want to meet people that have learned to consider every point of a situation to form an opinion (or at least willing to reevaluate their ideas.) People cannot be taught how to truly form their own opinions. There aren’t a lot of people that really have their own opinions (at least not that I know), but more of people raised to think by the people around them. Not being fully sure if I am one that forms my own opinions or have been raised to think I form my own opinions, I like to think that I form my own ideas. People have to find how to form their own ideas.
Where I live, most people are taught what ideas to have and never find a way out of that teaching. Bringing up a controversial topic in class results in mostly the same ideas being voices. ex:

  1. Abortion – “Wrong. Outlaw it.”
  2. Pence Amendment – “Good! Put our money elsewhere!”

For those unfamiliar with the latter, I will summarize it in my own words (so it may be biased.)
The potential Pence Amendment would cut government funding for Planned Parenthood. It would stop funding for cancer screenings, birth control pills, and parts of WIC and a lot more. Cancer screenings being cut would prevent a lot of women from learning they have cancer early on. Cutting birth control would result in a lot more unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Cutting WIC would keep many children and pregnant woman from getting the required nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. I feel it would be a bad move.

I want to meet people that consider all sides of the story and can actually argue properly. These people that just have an opinion because they are trained to have it frustrate me. I am excited that I will face meeting new people soon and some will hopefully consider the way they think more often than the people I know now.



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3 responses to “People I Will Meet.

  1. JoshyMez

    This is a great way for people to see that they do need to think about what they are told to believe and not just believe it out of the direction of just our parents. Our parents aren’t perfect, so we should explore what we think is right. Though, our parents are the central advising advocates for most people. I agree that Planned Parenthood is brilliant for some issues, but it is also horrible for some. I think the name should be changed for one thing because it sounds to Communist. I also think that there are too many explored ways to abort a baby/fetus. I am also HUGELY against it because I don’t find any reason for the death of LIFE that needs its chance. It only has one. The Pence Amendment is an interesting topic.

    • Planned Parenthood doesn’t fund any abortions (according to my research. I am up to see sources disagreeing.)
      Personally, I would not do abortion. Just how I feel. But I do feel women have the right to choose. It is better for a woman to be able to get an abortion from a safe place then to try and do it herself, which could destroy her insides and kill her.

  2. Collin J.

    Nancy I’m surprised to see such an interesting and deep perspective. Not because of anything you’ve done, but it’s surprising to see someone step out from the crowd and try to be their own person. Strangely enough I was thinking along the same lines today, except I was focused on Obama. I don’t remember the exact details, but I do recall that I was wondering if the people that voted for him are sorry. But then it hit me: we could be in the exact same boat, regardless of who won the previous election. So many people are quick to talk against him because that’s the accepted practice (especially in our area). However, after you stop and think about it, he’s probably doing the best he can with the situation handed to him. I, for one, can’t come up with any particularly good way to get our economy jump-started and because I can’t, I have no right to say he’s doing a bad job as POTUS. Well, I’ve gotten thoroughly off-topic, so I shall digress and end by letting you know that I was quite pleased to read your deep thoughts. Very well written, too!

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