People and Their Kids

I work in a grocery store as a cashier. I see all kinds of people – some are extremely rude and others are the friendliest people out there.

Customers always tell me “Alright” when I ask how they are and when they ask how I am I always say “I am great.” I have one customer that always answers my question with “Oh I’m swell!” and when he asks me how I am, I say “I’m wonderful.” One day he said, “Oh yeah, how many times have you said that today.” So I told him he was the only customer I told that to because thats the way we are. He tells me he is swell and I tell him I am wonderful. It was that simple. He always comes to my register now and I have learned that the military told him he was retiring when he was 28 and that he has an 11 month old.

That is one of the friendly customers.

One day, I had just finished with a customer and a family was behind me at another register. The couple had three children. The oldest, a daughter, was standing in the middle of a lane behind her mother. The younger two, sons, were standing down the lane in front of the buggy with their father. The father was telling his daughter to come by him and she asked, “Why?” It was a simple question that could have been answered as, “Because you are in the way right there.” Of course he didn’t say that. Legitimately answering the question would have been too much of a problem obviously. Instead of giving her an answer he angrily said, “You do not need to ask me and your mom why on everything! We say to do things, you do them. You don’t need a reason.”

Exactly. Raise a child to not question anything. I do not care if that girl had been irritating him all day. Children ask why on a lot of things and it is important for them to do so. Telling a child to stop asking why is telling a child to stop exploring the world. Asking why as a child on simple subjects allows that child to grow into an adult that questions ideas and commands that don’t make sense. Complex ideas will not make sense to adults and the ones that will ask questions and find answers  will be the ones that didn’t have their dad yelling at them in the grocery store for asking questions.

That store gives me the opportunity to see a lot about people. It proves to be interesting.


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  1. I wonder if the father felt regret at the end of the day. I think parenting has guilt and mistakes built into it. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes.

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